Detection inconsistent w. local PAC files


Detection of a local autoconfig URL is inconsistent during bootup and connectivity changes. I start PM during startup and it does not detect the local file, though it is clearly accessible. Also can happen when connectivity changes. Manually starting detection between these events works ok. My config file is below.
I believe that this started once I upgraded to Windows 7 as I don't recall having this problem previously.
I have downloaded the latest souce and am looking into this issue.
<proxyConfiguration pingTimeout="1000" disableNotifications="false">
  <connection name ="LAN" detectionDelay="0">
      <proxyServer name="My Autoconfig" autoConfigUrl="file://c:/users/dhuntley/documents/t.pac" />
Closed May 27, 2010 at 9:38 PM by dhuntley1023
Upon investigation, I discovered that the problem was that with all of the system load at boot-up, it was taking too long for the check-url function to verify the existence of the local file.I fixed the problem by increasing the length of the pingTimeout parameter and now am having my proxy reliably set again.