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software to monitor internet usage on an XP PC?

Mar 31, 2010 at 8:08 PM

Hi guys,

Would this software actually also allow me to monitor my internet usage on the PC I run it on, on a per application/service basis? (e.g. firefox, IE, my Google calendar sync app etc)

Here's some of the details of what I've been searching for:

  1. monitor the usage of internet from that PC? It would need to include both browser and non-browser sources (e.g. a service that sync's calendar to gmail).
  2. So any software on your PC that uses would need to be configured to point to this local internet monitoring software/proxy. The monitoring software/proxy then would be configured to point to the company proxy server (address, port & credentials).
  3. The idea would be it could give you a daily/weekly/monthly report of internet upload/download usage on a per program/process/service basis for the PC it is being run on.  On have the hooks in it to allow me to log this information out to use this
  4. The scope is only monitor Internet usage for the PC that the software is running on.  It's just aimed at tracking my own Internet usage at work on my PC from the point of view of the various software I have that does sync to Internet.
  5. It shouldn't allow other PC's to connect into my PC and piggyback internet connectivity through it


May 27, 2010 at 10:42 PM

Hi callga,

ProxyMonitor's only function is to automatically set the Windows proxy settings based on current network connectivity settings.  It is not designed to be a proxy server itself.  That is, programs that access the internet don't go through Proxy Monitor to do so.  They only use the proxy server settings as set by ProxyMonitor.